Commercials – Peapod

4 Peapod

Target Market: Peapod wanted to update their brand image to encourage the best potential employees to apply.

Strategy: “Putting Food on the Table”. Working for Peapod allows employees to put food on the table for everyday Americans as well as themselves.

Execution: After performing on-site research, we determined that there were 4 distinct job categories. Warehouse. Transportation. Customer Care. Propulsion Labs. Since each category attracts a differently suited employee, we created videos with employee testimonials along with scenes from their work environment in order for potential employees to gain an immersive experience and find out which department is best suited for them.



Drip Campaign – Revenew

stay ahead of the curve

Target Market: CMOs at Insurance companies looking to empower their local affiliates to market their services.

Strategy: Revenew can connect all of your agents and brokers today and is the only channel marketing platform that stays ahead of changing trends in technology.

Execution: Stay top of mind through the CMOs buyer’s journey through a drip email campaign.

amplify agent engagement

Optimize Your Local Marketing Results

Control Access to Execution

Connect Your Entire Marketing Ecosystem

B2B – Articles

Target Market: Businesses looking to save on their building’s energy costs.

Strategy: Position Pacific Gas & Electric as a thought leader in smarter offices and energy efficiency.

Execution: I ghostwrote an engaging article about energy efficiency and how it can save on their operation costs. When California companies are researching smart offices, it will bring them right to Pacific Gas & Electric’s website.


Emails – Pulse Secure

Target Market: Retaining Junos Pulse customers as the company changes to Pulse Secure.

Strategy: Customers will keep the same level of service they know and trust with a higher level of security as the company undergoes its transition.

Execution: Most of the security services provided by Pulse Secure are executed by their resellers. Through a series of email campaigns, we will inform both resellers and their customers that the name may have changed, but the security has only improved.

Pulse Secure E1

Pulse Secure E2Pulse Secure E3

Alka-Nights App

Target Market: 21-35 year old social drinkers

Creative Strategy: Alka-Seltzer helps ease hangovers.

Execution: The Alka-Nights App is useful, not simply promotional. It allows people to have a record of how much they’ve had to drink in case they’ve forgotten during the night or by next morning. 



Lyft_shopping cart

Target Market: 21-30 Millennials who do not have a car.

Creative Strategy: Lyft is a friendly alternative to public transportation.

Execution: Showcase the benefits of Lyft in guerrilla and outdoor mediums, particularly where people will most consider using it as an alternative transportation method.





Stop Cyber Bullying

Target Market: Traveling Parents

Strategy: Emphasize pro-empathy to remind parents how important it is to lead by example.

Execution: This was a competition entry piece to prevent cyber bullying and message would be placed inside airport security bins. It is meant to inspire parents to take action by teaching their children of the real world consequences of their online actions. The keyboard shortcuts help builds a connection with the online world and reminds parents to stop cyber bullying before it starts.




Branding – Poaster

Target Market: Business to Business

Strategy: Rather than use traditional paid advertising methods to promote a company through social mead, Poaster makes it easy for employees to share their company’s promotional materials for free using their own profiles.

Execution: Create a How-To video that shows how easy it is to promote your company’s message to an extremely large audience by leveraging your employee’s social media connections.

Poaster Demo