Max Russell


Whether your firm needs to monitor current coverage about your organization and competitors or if you are looking to reach out to interested reporters, I will survey the media landscape and provide useful metrics and contacts to promote your business. From technology to finance and education, I have served a range of clients and will find the particular outlets that are interested in covering your latest developments.

I have worked in agency settings, collaborating with other amazingly creative art directors and copywriters as well as on my own as a freelancer. Whether you need to brand your startup company, maintain your social media presence or clearly communicate what your business offers, I can promote your business and provide the inbound marketing materials your potential customers will find when researching your company.

For those looking to discuss my work and the possibility of filling an open position, my contact information is open to you.

-Max Russell



Thought Leadership Articles

Target Market: Technology companies and media executives in need of an expert consultant.

Strategy: Create blog posts to convey a clear message for decision makers without previous experience in the media or legal industries.

Execution: After researching the industry and interviewing my clients for a sense of their business’s tone, I created a series of blog articles to help those breaking into the industry, therefore raising my client’s awareness and credibility.

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