Max Russell



Whether your firm needs to monitor current coverage about your organization and competitors or if you are looking to reach out to interested reporters, I will survey the media landscape and provide useful metrics and contacts to promote your business. From technology to finance and education, I have served a range of clients and will find the particular outlets that are interested in covering your latest developments.

I’ve worked in agency settings, collaborating with other amazingly creative art directors and copywriters as well as on my own as a freelancer. Whether you need to brand your startup company, maintain your social media presence or clearly communicate what your business offers, I can promote your business and provide the inbound marketing materials your potential customers will find when researching your company.

For those looking to discuss my work and the possibility of filling an open position, my contact information is open to you.

-Max Russell



Coverage Books

Target Market: Businesses and individuals looking to understand how their earned and promoted coverage translates into viewership and audience.

Strategy: Organize large and small scale coverage into readable presentations that can be understood by everyone in the organization.

Execution: Through various platforms such as Cision, Critical Mention, TrendKite, CoverageBook, and more, I can present an image of your company’s place in the media landscape.

Targeted Email Lists

Target Market: In Public Relations, it’s important to get the message out to the right people. Through various platforms including Cision and RocketReach, I will locate the sometimes hard to find contacts of relevant journalists who cover similar topics of the story you wish to promote.

Strategy: Focus the search on overlapping topics. For example, when promoting a self-driving car, journalists that cover technology and automotive are obvious. Journalists covering disabilities and wounded veterans will also likely find interest as the the technology can help their community.

Execution: I can run your email system to ensure each email promotion is finding it’s way to an interested journalist as opposed to creating white noise in their inbox.