Coverage Books

Target Market: Businesses and individuals looking to understand how their earned and promoted coverage translates into viewership and audience.

Strategy: Organize large and small scale coverage into readable presentations that can be understood by everyone in the organization.

Execution: Through various platforms such as Cision, Critical Mention, TrendKite, CoverageBook, and more, I can present an image of your company’s place in the media landscape.


Targeted Email Lists

Target Market: It’s important to get the message to the right people. Through various platforms including Cision, Muck Rack and RocketReach, I will locate the contact information of relevant journalists to promote your brand.

Strategy: Focus on reporters and editors that have recently written about your company, competitors, or industry.

Execution: I can run your email system to ensure each email promotion is finding it’s way to an interested journalist as opposed to creating white noise in their inbox.