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Target Market: Business leaders who are researching what channel marketing is while building their list of considered vendors.

Strategy: Engage with the top channel marketing blog so when clients are researching channel marketing, they come across our article and consider us a thought leader in the industry.

Execution: By simply writing an effective article that business leaders learn from, without overly selling our own product, they will follow the author’s company and learn more about our specific offering on our website.

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6 Steps To Earn True Partner Engagement

6 Steps to Earn True Partner Engagement


Word of Mouth Marketing in the Digital Age

5 Do’s and 5 Don’ts of Social Media

The Biggest Barriers to Channel Engagement

The 5 Big Lead Generation Mistakes Made by SMBs



Press Release – Golden Apple Awards

Target Market: Community advocates at every city hall, park district and library within six counties that surround Chicago, Illinois.

Strategy: By sending promotional posters to 700 prominent public, high traffic locations, we help inform the community about the Golden Apple Awards and how they can nominate exceptional teachers and school leaders in their area.

Execution: After researching and compiling all relevant addresses, emails and phone numbers, I led a team that labeled and stamped all mailing tubes that were send out with the included press releases and posters.

GA Letterhead

Golden Apple Nominations for Teachers

Golden Apple Nominations for Leaders