Alka-Nights App

Copywriter: Max Russell

Art DirectorJoanna Kammer

Target Market: 21-35 year old social drinkers

Creative Strategy: Alka-Seltzer helps ease hangovers.

Execution: The Alka-Nights App is useful, not simply promotional. It allows people to have a record of how much they’ve had to drink in case they’ve forgotten during the night or by next morning. 



Stop Cyber Bullying

Copywriter: Max Russell

Art DirectorJoanna Kammer

Target Market: Traveling Parents

Strategy: Emphasize pro-empathy to remind parents how important it is to lead by example.

Execution: This was a competition entry piece to prevent cyber bullying and message would be placed inside airport security bins. It is meant to inspire parents to take action by teaching their children of the real world consequences of their online actions. The keyboard shortcuts help builds a connection with the online world and reminds parents to stop cyber bullying before it starts.